Randall Ethos

I believe a great interior should have the perfect balance of functionality, colour, pattern and texture.

Randall designs are about connection and interpretation… the correct vessel with the correct flowers … the perfect colour selection on the perfect surface.

No space is fully dressed without flowers. A connection with the outside to the inside is vital. I always consider the total surrounds of a space to create the perfect overall effect. Inspiration is what drives me and I’m constantly absorbing my surrounds whether on foreign visits or simply in a garden taking photographs and gathering ideas enables me to be fully equipped. I use my brain as a library that’s bursting with information. Trends are a great way to get inspired… I’m always very trend aware.


What are your top 5 tips you could give to Inspirations customers who are looking to do a DIY makeover project?
  1. PLANNING: ‘I always say, the better the planning the better the end result’. You’re going to be stuck with it for a while in most cases so do your research.
  2. MOOD BOARDS: This is a great way to know if you’ll be satisfied with the overall look. Take fabric swatches, paint colour samples, wallpaper samples, magazine snippets and any other materials you want to use in your scheme, put them all together on a board and ‘live with it!’ If you can’t live with it, make a change.
  3. SAMPLE POTS: ‘Paint colours can look different on the wall than they do in your head’, more importantly they change with the light. Sample pots are the best way to make sure the colour you want looks the way you imagined it.
  4. BE ROOM CONSIDERATE: Make sure the look you want works in your space and will create the feeling that you want for that room.
  5. RANDALL-ISE DON’T VANDALISE!: ‘Be creative, throw the rules out and make your house your home’; gather inspiration from wherever you like, but make sure you represent who you are through your home.

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